Vidéo – Opération Potager avec Denis Pépin

Voici une petite vidéo réalisée dimanche 27 Octobre lors de l’animation “Opération potager”.

Nous y avons accueilli Denis Pépin, ingénieur agronome, écologue et spécialiste en jardinage bio.

Bon visionnage !

Réalisation: Pascal Banz




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    • On a different note, i noticed today that the "your subscriptions rectangle box" is not present when i go to youtube. i really liked this feature and i don't see why this was taken off. Furthermore the link to subscriptions on the right hand side is not present as well. please fix this ! ASAP

    • olá,minha mentruaçao veio dia 12 de novembro e no dia 20 de novembro tive uma relaaçao com meu esposo com o uso de camisinha e ela estourou.No quarto dia apos o ato tive um pequeno sangramento seguido de colica e no dia seguinta a mesma coisa, hoje ja tem onze dias que aconteceu estou so com colica sem sangramento sera q eu fazendo o beta hcg ja pode ser confirmado uma gravidez?e se for gravidez porque esse sangramento seguido de colica?estou desesperada preciso de ajuda!

    • The Supreme Court of the United States has already upheld the individual mandate. This amendment will be deemed unconstitutional and it will be nothing but a waste of taxpayer dollars defending it, money that we should be spending on schools and public welfare.

    • Die heranwachsende Generation besteht immer aus den gleichen Hampelmännern. Vermutlich ist an ihr zu keiner Zeit ein gutes Haar gelassen worden. Bedenklich finde ich, vielleicht ist aber auch das eine falsche Einschätzung, dass “viele” Jugendliche schon recht früh keine Perspektive mehr sehen. Und ich nehme an, dass heutzutage mehr Jugendliche ohne Schulabschluss gibt als früher.

    • Tricia! I love this favorite things list. It reminds me of Oprah’s favorite things she did around Christmas and I could rely on her taste to the point that I’d look only to that for any self indulgent ideas. Your list is very similar!! I love it and I love you! Hope you are well today and looking forward to reading more. xx

    • Fascinating. I am originally from Portland, and when I left I saw that it was – culturally – going through a phase of ‘fits and starts’ – the Portland-ish community can be very liberal (at times) although not enough for my liking. Pittsburgh seems to be at an interesting crossroads, where it can choose to emerge as a liberal, secular and beautifully creative place. Portland is certainly not ‘out’ yet, however, I do question – especially with the gentrification – the future of this liberal city amongst a conservative nation.

    • Well I feel like a huge slug for being too lazy to post comments most of the time. I love the color of that sock! And the pattern that’s developing. That Ink Circles is too cute. I had fun stitching mine. So much I may stitch it twice. Oh wait, I will be – most of it appears on her Masquerade design. Missy Ann´s last post:

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    • just saying that 2004 ratings seem on par with 2000, when it ran into October and competed with the world series. I just haven’t talked to many people who are watching it, and I haven’t been excited about it: not sure why.I’ve heard various stories about why America’s not into it: daily drug scandals, the tape delay, a disinterest in anything international, the limp performance of ostensibly dominant athletes/teams…

    • Leaving aside the fact that wikipedia is such a ‘great’ source… why didn’t you include the last sentence of that paragraph?“It has been argued that a Congressional override of an executive order is a nearly impossible event due to the supermajority vote required and the fact that such a vote leaves individual lawmakers very vulnerable to political criticism.[10]“

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    • I admire your desire to even dare to color outside of the lines. As much as I’d like to, I don’t know if I have the nerve. I was just thinking recently how much I hate how predictable and tidy I am sometimes. I remain stuffed comfortably in my little box never daring to even peak out except to glance at those I live vicariously through. Seriously, ginger-ale toast to taking steps!!! Yaay you!

    • Genius recipe! I've made ice cream with fresh corn, and it was delicious, but this sounds amazing, and such a simple technique. Definitely one for the 'why didn't I think of that?' file. And the sauce–gorgeous. Hope your back and neck are better soon–I had some short-term problems last year and it was awful, so I sympathise.

    • excellent post as usual Vijay. However I dont completely agree with it. As in, somebody who is a VP at 32-34 has shown an impressive track record of growth. So, taking an analogy from performance of companies, past performance is a reasonable indicator of future earnings, I would bet my money on him/her to do well in future too. But as you pointed out, career growth in long term is a different ballgame altogether.

    • Gunnar, du bør lese og kommentere innlegget frÃ¥ Halvor Gregusson her:Det er ingen tvil om at regjeringa sin innsats pÃ¥ dette omrÃ¥det har vore sub-par, sjølv om eit nær einstemmig storting ville ha stÃ¥tt bak ei satsing, jfr semja i klimaforliket. Men har Halvor eit poeng om at det ogsÃ¥ er utfordringar med mÃ¥ten finansieringssystemet er lagt opp, og ikkje berre med mengda pengar?

    • ciao bella, che sorpresa,  ho letto l'articolo,  bello è dir poco, io adoro l'arte in tutte le sue forme,  è stato un piacere enorme, anzi ci tornero, per gustarmelo meglio.  Cuginetta, sei fantastica a farci conoscere,  tanto e di tutto.  Un plauso grande alla tua amica, un lavoro, preciso, approfondito, mi piace proprio.   un abbraccio dalla cuginona  

    • Stop letting the youth be Bieberized and turn em on to real music!!! As a mother and grandmother,I refuse to let that crap be heard in my home,car,or any devise! No!!However,I know some idiot’s going to post some ignorant reply.SSSSOOOO,save your “keystrokes”,you are an idiot and your opinion does not count!!

    • I have to say, while looking through hundreds of blogs daily, the theme of this blog is different (for all the proper reasons). If you do not mind me asking, what’s the name of this theme or would it be a especially designed affair? It’s significantly better compared to the themes I use for some of my blogs.

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    • I love this post…and this, totally agree: Emotions Experienced: Terror, misgiving, mild insanityUnfortunately, I can’t think about anything when I run (or do any work out) except the run. So while it’s a meditation for me, it’s more of a Miracle of Mindfulness thing. My aha moments come when driving in the car (sans music) or in the shower.I loved this post.

    • Hmm.. Reagan was a number crunching stats nut and spent a lot of time preparing/poring over his own papers. Didn't Steve say he spends a lot of time writing and re-writing his pieces? And we know Steve loves stats of all kinds. Projection perhaps? Just win this one for the Sailer.

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    • Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

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    • Hei kjære Moa..Tusen takk for all inspirasjon du har gitt dette Ã¥ret! Det er en fryd Ã¥ følge bloggen din, alltid kjekt Ã¥ komme inn hit…Ser frem til nye treff bÃ¥de pÃ¥ bloggen og i det virkelige livet i 2011:))))Ønsker deg og dine en flott kveld i morgen, samt et riktig GODT NYTTÃ…R!! Stor nyttÃ¥rsklem fra megPs. giraffer er sÃ¥ søøøøøte, pluss en liten "image" skal en jo ha…hi.hi

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    • I think you have a fabulous selection. I would add Jefferson’s Reserve to it, though. It’s so delicious. In fact, the kid’s acting like such an ass I may go pour one right now.

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    • I really enjoyed “Things We Say Wrong”! Great idea to put it on your site, Laurie! But hey, did he say “I feel bad” is incorrect? I may have heard him wrongly :), but if he did say that, I don’t agree. “Feel” is a linking verb and should be followed by an adjective, not an adverb. What do you think?

    • HEJ jOHANNA, tack för ditt svar! Tyvärr gick det inte i alla fall.Vilken färg har länken man ska klicka pÃ¥ i Bloggelitos blogg?jag klickade pÃ¥ allt som det stod kommentarer pÃ¥. jag ´tror jag ger upp. Min IQ räcker inte till. hans blogg är för rörig för mig tror jag. vad synd.

    • Hi – just found (and subscribed) to your sensational blog. Just cannot get on board with a quilt with the name vomit in it. So, here are some alternatives.Square MashScraparoonieDead Cat (so much nicer than vomit)Gay ScrapsHappy ScrapsScrap StruckSquare DancingSquare JumpWhatever you name it, it remains a total delight – and love the simplicity of the pattern. Just put this on my 'to do' list. I will be a very old lady before I get through the list. Thank you for the chance to enter.Regards, Alison

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    • disse:Ah, o 3 é um dos meus RPGs favoritos de todos os tempos. Personagens extremeamente (Gaar Akuma e Rei detonam qualquer um) carismáticos, enredo cheio de reviravoltas e o sistema de combate baseado enas tranformações de Ryu. Carrego o pesar de nunca ter terminado o 4.(meu Cd do Psx deu pau e a versão pC jack sparrow que baixei eras atrás tbmUU) Mas consertarei isso!!Preciso conhecer melhor Fou Lu.hehe

    • मंगेश पाडगावकरांच्या उदास बोध मध्ये मानसिकतेचे विश्लेषण करतात.“माणसे खपाट खंगलेली, आतुन आतुन भंगलेलीअदृष्य्य दहशतीने तंगलेली , आधार नाहीप्रत्येकास येथे हवा, कोणीतरी जबरी बुवा,जो काढील सार्‍या उवा, मनातल्या चिंतेच्याआधि म्हणे ‘जय साई’ मगच अधिकारी लाच खाईअजुन पकडला गेला नाही,कृपा म्हणे बाबांचीआपण शोधायचे नाही, आपण लढायचे नाहीआपण भिडायचे नाही, आयुष्यालाकणा झिजुन गेला पार, शिरजोरापुढे सर्व लाचारबुवा नाम जपाचा उच्चार, नशा देई

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    • I love the shape of that larger barn.I have made my family turn around many times so I could get a shot.Thank you Aunt Val :)Since I have joined your Barn Charm challenge, my whole family has been on the lookout for great barns. I'll be going to visit my Mom in Oklahoma in June and she is already telling me that she has been scoping out barns for me…lol

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    • ONE would wonder where ONE was born if he was told ONE thing while a child and something else later.Ssssshhh….From another site………………………….Remember, Obama literally does not know where he was born. He was too young to know.But, he has spent millions of dollars covering up something.

    • 8:41 pm, October 3, 2012|This will be hated by most of you before you actually see it to hate it.I have a feeling I’m going to love this for the weirdness.I don’t get Instant Cult Classic vibe.I hope I’m wrong about that.I like Zombies films.So I can hear the fanboy cries.But I do think this is going to be a hot mess!

    • OK…… Przepraszasz za bÅ‚Ä™dy, ale „zkondtersowaÅ‚”? Co to ma k***** znaczyć? Nie pomyÅ›laÅ‚eÅ›, że taki nowy gracz, który dopiero zaczyna przygode z Minecraftem (Nie mówie o sobie….) może nie wiedzieć co to znaczyPS: Sorki za przekleÅ„stwa.

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    • that, lots of players take steroids without ever showing the outwardly-obvious physical changes like Barry Bonds had. Many older players will take steroids in order to heal faster from injuries like they did when they were younger, and not necessarily to bulk up or increase strength.However, in Sosa's case (and McGwire's, too), his ability to hit for power came largely from strength, not from technique. Sammy was doing whatever Sammy could to increase his performance.

    • Que googy no es un perro?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pero bueno, qué os pasa?!! estáis tos fumaos?! que sea un perro callejero o incluso un perro antropomorfo, no quiere decir que no lo sea! incluso que hable y camine sobre dos patas no quiere decir que no lo sea! que pasa? que ahora van a ser sólo perros los dálmatas de disney?!!!

    • Næste gang du prale af, hvor mange rettigheder du har i dette land lige huske dette, og ved, du har ingen. Den forv kan tage dem væk som helst de ønsker en eller anden grund. Vi har lige mistet en masse mere med Patriot Act. Vi har intet andet end midlertidige privilegier, og vi taber dem hver dag. Nazisterne tabte 2. Verdenskrig og fascisme won, USA fascisme. Jeg hader denne naive, dumme, imperialistisk land.

    • I bought this last year to commute to daycare/work with my 4 year old. I had him in the ibert seat before, so was a bit worried he wouldn’t like being behind me. But he loved it. The only drawback is the logistics to remove the trailer from my bike to get into the bike room. Also, it is hard for me to get up the hills with it and him, but that likely is because I’m pulling roughly half my weight up very steep hills. Moderate hills shouldn’t be an issue.

    • 1b6I’m guessing the Giants or Bears draft Eifert at No.19 or No.20. If the Giants take Eifert, the Bears could take Ertz. If the Giants don’t take Eifert but the Bears do, I’m guessing the Packers draft Ertz at No.26.And I don’t think there are any DBs worth drafting at No.31. I think the 49ers should trade up or trade down. Standing pat seems like the worst option.

    • Da muss ich dir leider zu großen teilen zustimmen, die angst habe ich auch!aber wie du ja auch selbst sagst, sind es gewisse türken etc. bei weitem nicht alle.was das problem natürlich nicht wegreden soll.das MUSS einfach viel besser pädagogisch aber auch hart angegangen werden!

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